About Christie

I love to cook outdoors. Give me a smoker, a grill or even a campfire, and I'll serve you up a meal you won't forget.

Capitol Reef National Park


Orchards of fruit trees, homemade pies and cinnamon rolls the size of your head can all be found in a very unexpected place – a national park.

Buying an RV


Buying an RV is fun, but you'd be amazed at how many different floor plans there are. See which RV met my list of requirements.

How to Hang Pictures in an RV


RVs bounce along the road as they travel. If you don't secure your artwork, it'll fall off the walls. See how to hang pictures in an RV the right way.

How to Renovate the RV Valances


The accents above RV blinds or curtains usually come with a factory-standard fabric. Let me show you how to renovate RV valances with just a few tools.

How to Renovate the RV Dinette


I understand RV companies like to use neutral colors for interior fabrics, but the brown was not doing it for me. See how I renovated my RV dinette.

Griller Gal Christie Vanover


Griller Gal Christie Vanover is the founder of GirlsCanGrill.com. She's also an award-winning griller and Kansas City Barbecue Society Certified Judge.

Griller Gal Mary Cressler


World traveler and sommelier, Mary Cressler, has transformed from a wine educator and writer to a barbecue competitor and caterer.

Barrel House Cooker Review


4 reasons why the Barrel House Cooker is a choice smoker + my Girls Can Grill tips on cooking 4 meats in a vertical barrel cooker.

6 Tips for Barbecuing in Cold Weather


The country is facing a crazy cold chill this winter, but that doesn't mean you have to give up barbecuing. If you're still craving smoked meaty goodness, consider following our tips for barbecuing in cold weather.

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