About Christie

I love to cook outdoors. Give me a smoker, a grill or even a campfire, and I'll serve you up a meal you won't forget.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Grill a Turkey


This holiday season, consider cooking your turkey outside. This infographic shares how to grill a turkey on charcoal, gas, a smoker or even a rotisserie.

Steak Buying Guide: Know the 4 Cs


When it comes to picking out diamonds, we've been taught how important it is to understand the 4 Cs, but at Girls Can Grill, we love beef diamonds, which is why our Steak Buying Guide will teach you about the other 4Cs.

17 Grilled 4th of July Recipes


We’ve gathered 17 grilled 4th of July recipes from some of our favorite girl grillers. From grilled brie to carne asada tacos to grilled cupcakes, these recipes will help you make your Independence Day party a success.

How to Make a Fire Pit Grill


There are three main things to consider when selecting a fire pit that will work well as a grill. Learn how to make a fire pit grill for your backyard.

How to Grill on a Fire Pit


If you've joined the fire pit fan club, you're surely the place to be on the block, but have you tried grilling on your fire pit?

18 Burger Recipes


Find out what makes burgers so amazing that they deserve to have a whole month named after them? And check out 18 burger recipes to satisfy any taste buds. #burgermonth

What Women Want for the Grill


It’s grilling season, but what’s different this year? I visited the 2016 National Hardware Show in Vegas to find out what women want for the grill.

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