About Christie

I love to cook outdoors. Give me a smoker, a grill or even a campfire, and I'll serve you up a meal you won't forget.

5 Tips to Conquer Grilling Season


We set our New Year’s resolutions in January. How crazy is that. In most parts of America, January downright sucks. It’s cold, snowy, slushy, windy, just plain blah! How is that type of environment supposed to motivate us? We should really be setting our resolutions in the spring. The spring is the time for rebirth. [...]

How to Grill 20 Vegetables


Finally, an easy way to get your daily allowance of veggies. Learn how to grill 20 vegetables, plus download a free infographic.

Black Diamond CharWood Review


You want lump made from quality hardwood that is consistently sized and doesn’t contain other scraps like bark, limbs or rocks. See how Black Diamond CharWood stands up to others with our product review.

Why You Should Grill Thanksgiving


It's tough to pull off Thanksgiving with one oven. We're going to teach you how to grill Thanksgiving dinner. It'll be like you've gained a second oven.

November Grilling Recipes from the Girls


At Girls Can Grill, we love to feature other ladies out there who proudly grill. If you have grilling recipes you would like featured, let us know.     Brisket Chili Once you have chili with leftover smoked brisket, chili will never be the same. Hey Grill Hey combines the smoky meat morsels with peppers, [...]

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