Do You Know Your Beef Ribs?


There are a few different cuts of beef ribs out there, but do you know what's what from what? This tutorial will help you cook the meatiest, beefiest ribs.

6 Tips for Barbecuing in Cold Weather


The country is facing a crazy cold chill this winter, but that doesn't mean you have to give up barbecuing. If you're still craving smoked meaty goodness, consider following our tips for barbecuing in cold weather.

How to Grill Prime Rib Roast


Prime rib roast is probably the most luxurious piece of meat. When it's cooked following our technique, it melts in your mouth with an herbaceous crust.

Gifts for Grill and BBQ Lovers


Looking for the perfect gift for a grill or BBQ lover? These have been tried and tested and used and abused. In fact, I use most of them nearly every week and so do a lot of my BBQ friends. Girls Can Grill T-Shirt (Dark [...]

The No-Fail Way to Smoke Brisket


If you've struggled with brisket in the past, read this post to learn tips from real BBQ gurus and grand champions. Includes a step-by-step infographic

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