What Women Want for the Grill


It’s grilling season, but what’s different this year? I visited the 2016 National Hardware Show in Vegas to find out what women want for the grill.

5 Tips to Conquer Grilling Season


We set our New Year’s resolutions in January. How crazy is that. In most parts of America, January downright sucks. It’s cold, snowy, slushy, windy, just plain blah! How is that type of environment supposed to motivate us? We should really be setting our resolutions in the spring. The spring is the time for rebirth. [...]

How to Grill 20 Vegetables


Finally, an easy way to get your daily allowance of veggies. Learn how to grill 20 vegetables, plus download a free infographic.

Easy Way to Throw Memorable Dinner Party


This is such an easy way to throw a memorable dinner party, it’s almost cheating. But we promise, your friends will love the food, and the menu will keep the conversations going.

Grill to Please the Whole Family


Whoever said you can’t please all the people all the time, must not have owned a grill, because when it comes to grilling, it’s super easy to please everyone.

How to Become a Griller


Since guys have marked the grill as their territory, some girls are afraid to give grilling a shot. Learn our 5 simple steps on how to become a griller.

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