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From juicy ribeye to BBQ chicken to grilled cupcakes and blooming onions, Girls Can Grill has a wide selection of grilling recipes for your next cookout. Browse through the recipes below, or use our handy search tool to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Grilled Tuna Salad

Grilled Tuna Salad

Try making grilled tuna salad with fresh tuna steaks instead of using canned tuna. It's sandwich-changing.

Brussels Sprouts

Charred Brussels Sprouts

This charred Brussels sprouts with almonds recipe is so good it's a meal all by itself.

Poultry Powder

Poultry Powder

Poultry Powder – The perfect seasoning blend for chicken, turkey and duck.

Grilled Chicken with Barbecue Sauce

Grilled Chicken with Barbecue Sauce

Picnic perfect juicy grilled chicken smothered with your favorite barbecue sauce.

Green Chile Peach Pork Chops

Add a kiss of summer to your grill with Green Chile Peach Pork Chops. Made with a slightly sweet and spicy marinade and fresh peach salsa.

Chipotle Skirt Steak with Roasted Corn Relish

I discovered a quick way to punch a cow with flavor. Find out what it is with my grilled Chipotle Skirt Steak with Roasted Corn Relish recipe. Ready in 30 minutes.

Zestuous Rub

This BBQ rub goes great on pork, beef, poultry and seafood.

Stuffed Pancetta Sliders with Balsamic Fig Marmalade

Blue cheese goes fabulous with figs, pancetta and balsamic vinegar. It's even better stuffed inside these pancetta sliders with balsamic fig marmalade.

Bourbon Glaze

The bourbon in this glaze accentuates the combinations of sautéed onions, beef broth and vinegar. Cooked down with brown sugar and Tabasco sauce, it’s syrupy with a subtle hint of sweetness and bite.

Tabasco Grilled Shrimp

These little beauties are simple to make, but boy are they packed with flavor. Between the char of the grill, the heat of the Tabasco and the fresh thyme, the flavors are simple yet memorable.

Grilled Tender Juicy Beef Ribs

You don’t have to be a diehard pitmaster to make tender juicy beef ribs. All you need is a little time, a grill and some foil.

Grilled Lemon Pancetta Chicken

This grilled Lemon Pancetta Chicken is bursting with fresh citrus flavor and is super juicy.

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