Cooking Method: Stove Top

Cowboy Candy

Cowboy Candy – Candied Jalapenos

You'll pop these jalapenos like candy, even if you're a spice weenie. Cowboy Candy is addictive sweet candied jalapenos that are great with cream cheese.

Argentina Burger with Chimichurri and Plancha Grilled Cheese

Use a simple Argentina grilling technique, classic chimichurri sauce and plancha grilled cheese to create a global burger for your summer barbecues.

Grilled Smores Sandwich

Grilled S’mores Sandwich

When you have the urge to camp, but just can't get away, create the flavors of camping at home with a grilled s'mores sandwich.

Grilled Cranberry Sauce

Grilled Cranberry Sauce

Ditch the can. Upgrade your Thanksgiving dinner with homemade cranberry sauce.

Tailgate Cheese Dip

Tailgate Cheese Dip

No one’s tailgate cheese dip can compare to this quick, creamy recipe. It just like the white Mexican cheese dip that you find at the restaurants.

Peach Bacon Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Peach Bacon Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Great on pork and chicken, Peach Bacon Bourbon BBQ Sauce takes the sweet taste of summer and punches it in the face.

Pendleton Hot + Spicy Baked Beans | Girls Can Grill

Pendleton Hot + Spicy Baked Beans

Change up your traditional baked beans by adding Pendleton Hot + Spicy BBQ Sauce. It adds the unique sweet + sour tang of tamarind with a kick of heat.

Grilled Green Bean Sausage Casserole from Girls Can Grill

Grilled Green Bean Sausage Casserole

Grilled green bean sausage casserole with homemade cream of mushroom soup. Thanksgiving will never be the same.

Grilled Sausage Stuffing from Girls Can Grill

Grilled Sausage Stuffing

Add texture and flavor to your traditional stuffing by adding sausage, apples and crunchy cashews. Grilled sausage stuffing from Girls Can Grill.

Fireball Whisky BBQ Sauce #GirlsCanGrill

Fireball Whisky BBQ Sauce

Liven up your barbecue with Fireball Whisky BBQ Sauce

Bourbon Glaze

The bourbon in this glaze accentuates the combinations of sautéed onions, beef broth and vinegar. Cooked down with brown sugar and Tabasco sauce, it’s syrupy with a subtle hint of sweetness and bite.