Smoked Roast Beef Lunchmeat
Smoked Roast Beef Lunchmeat

Homemade Roast Beef Lunch Meat

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March 26, 2016

Enjoy preservative-free lunch meat by making your own homemade smoked roast beef.

  • Cook: 2 hrs


2-pound eye of round beef roast

Salt Lick BBQ Rub


1Inspect the roast. Trim off any portions of fat that appear thicker than others.

2Rub the beef liberally with Salt Lick BBQ Rub. Double wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

3Heat the smoker to 250F degrees using lump charcoal. Place a pan of water in the smoker.

4Remove the plastic wrap. Place the roast on the grill grate fat side up. Add wood chips to the smoker.

5Smoke for about 2 hours, or until the internal temp of the roast reaches 135F degrees. If you prefer to cook your meat beyond medium-rare, keep smoking to your desired wellness: 145F = medium, 150F = medium well, 160F = well done.

6Remove the roast from the smoker. Wrap in foil and place on a pan. Let rest at room temperature for one hour. Then, refrigerate for at least 6 hours.

7Using a meat slicer or very sharp knife, slice to your desired thickness.

8Refrigerate a week’s worth and freeze the rest to enjoy at a later date.


If using a Big Green Egg, fill the bottom with lump charcoal to the line inside. Light the coals. Allow to burn for 10 minutes. Add the plate setter with the feet up. Place the pan of water on the plate setter. Add the grill grate. Close the lid and adjust the vents until the grill maintains a temperature of 250F degrees.

If using a gas grill, set it up for indirect heat. Turn on one burner and adjust until the grill maintains a heat of 250F. Place the pan of water in the middle of the grill. Place the meat to the side of the pan over indirect heat. Place wood chips in a smoke chip box and set it over the direct heat.

Salt Lick BBQ is an amazing BBQ joint in Texas. We like using their rub for roast beef because it’s a simple combination of salt, pepper, garlic and cayenne. Feel free to use your favorite rub.

To test your meat temperature for doneness, we recommend the iGrill or a Char-broil Instant-Read Digital Thermometer.


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