By Christie Vanover | Published May 10, 2016 | Last Updated June 27, 2022

What Women Want for the Grill


It’s grilling season, and all of the major retail stores have set up their special BBQ sections, but what’s different this year? How do we know what products are must haves?

I ventured to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas to find the answer to that question and to find what women want when “manning” the grill.


Black Diamond CharWood Quick Lite Bag

One of the things that frighten women most about grilling is getting the fire started. Well, Black Diamond CharWood Quick Lite Bags put all of our fears to rest. You no longer need a charcoal chimney or lighter fluid to fire it up, and you don’t have to struggle with a large, dirty bag. Just tear open the quick lite bag, and light the bag on fire. There are flavorless hardwood fire starter strands inside the bag that will light the lump charcoal on fire. Yes, I said lump charcoal. You get high quality hardwood lump charcoal in this bag, not processed briquettes. This is the stuff pit masters use, made easy for us gals.

Priced at $7-12

BakerStone Pizza Oven Box


BakerStone Pizza Oven Box

Want an outdoor pizza oven, without spending thousands? Try the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box. It turns any traditional grill into a pizza oven. You just set it on your grill, crank the heat to high and allow the BakerStone to warm up. The inner chamber heats up to 750F degrees. Slide your pizza in, rotate it a few times with the pizza turner and watch as it cooks evenly. This is so fun for pizza parties because everyone can bake their own pizza pies in 2-4 minutes. Watch this video for a demo.

Priced at $99-169.

A-Maze-N Smoker


A-Maze-N Smoker

Are you interested in smoking brisket, pork butt and ribs but you’re not ready to invest in a smoker? The folks at A-Maze-N Smoker have the solution. Their stainless steel tubes can be placed on any grill and filled with smoke pellets to create that special flavor that only comes with real BBQ. You can even place the tube in a cold grill to cold smoke cheese and salt. Smoked salts are super trendy and make great gifts.

Priced at $19-59

Weber Q Colors


Weber Q

It’s no secret women want shoes in every color and jewelry in every style, so why should things be different for our grills. Weber is catering to the ladies with its rainbow of portable gas grills. (We’ll take orange please.) The Q uses small propane tanks, lights with a touch of a button and includes cast iron grates for even cooking. This is great for apartment living, camping and tailgating. Or just pick one out to set on your back patio next to the “man’s grill,” so you can practice your grilling skills without any hassle.

Priced at $169-249

Traeger Grill


Traeger Grill

We’re all super busy nowadays, and Crock-pots save the day when we don’t have time to really cook. Well, Traeger has created the Crock-pot of grills. You fill the side hopper with wood chips, set the temperature, push a button, add your food and walk away. Hours later, voila, juicy, tender meat awaits. And unlike, a Crock-pot, this meat is full of smoky barbecue flavor that’s reminiscent of  your favorite BBQ joint.

Priced at $429-1,199

Saber Grills


Saber Grill

When you’re ready to really up your BBQ game, go for the full outdoor kitchen. The dreamy built-ins from Saber Grills include grills, refrigerators, side burners, paper towel holders, storage and more. Each grill includes infrared technology that creates great grill marks and no flareups, and the special air flow keeps meat from drying out.

See your local retailer for pricing.

Steven Raichlen and Christie Vanover from Girls Can Grill


Project Smoke

With all this grill talk, we can’t forget about the cooking itself. Barbecue Bible author and TV show host, Steven Raichlen, has just released a new book. It includes awesome tips on how to grill and BBQ along with 100 recipes that range from Chinatown spareribs to smoked cheese to bacon bourbon apple crisp. And the photos are pure #foodporn. (I was lucky enough to meet Steven and snatch an autographed copy.)

Priced at $13-31