meat buyers guide book

The Meat Buyer’s Guide

three column blue trophy with cow on top.

Best BBQ Trophy

Create a custom best BBQ trophy for your favorite pitmaster. Several designs and colors. Super fast delivery.
flower bouquet made with beef jerky.

Meat Bouquet

pink cartoon pig on red background.

Custom BBQ Logo

Do you know someone who thinks they are the best BBQer? Help them brag by ordering a custom BBQ logo from Patrick Carlson.
elegant stone holder with lid.

Wood Pellet Holder

Give your gal a little something fancy to keep her wood pellets in on the patio to protect them from the elements.
circle platter made of mango wood.

Mango Wood Board

This 20" board is by far one of my favorite serving platters for large BBQ meals and charcuterie.
shower curtain with different meat cuts on it.

Meat Cuts Shower Curtain

I have this shower curtain in my RV and love it.
Flavor x Fire Cookbook.

Flavor x Fire Cookbook

cookbook with two dads by a grill on cover.

The Grill Dads Cookbook

Mark and Fey are two of the funniest guys I know, and they didn't hold anything back in their new cookbook.
small bottle of pork rub.

GCG Pork Rub (sm)

small bottle of chicken rub.

GCG Chicken Rub (sm)

small bottle of brisket rub.

GCG Brisket Rub (sm)

3 bottles of bbq rubs.

BBQ Rubs Pitmaster Pack

black YETI lowball glass.

YETI Lowball

charcoal trucker hat that says girls can grill.

GCG Hat (Charcoal)

teal trucker hat that says girls can grill.

GCG Hat (Teal)

Meat Temperature Magnet.

Temperature Magnet

For perfectly cooked meat, it's important to cook it to the proper temperature. With this magnet, you'll know the right temp every time.
rainbow colors of silicone trivets.

Silicone Trivet

Use these to grip hot pans or to set a hot pan on the counter.
rainbow of colors of silicone spatulas.

Spatula/Spoonula Set

This gift includes one spatula and one spoonula for stirring, spreading and scraping.
10 colors of hi-temp silicone basting brushes.

Silicone Basting Brushes

Small, hi-temp silicone brushes perfect for basting meat or glazing butter on rolls.
spatula and tongs resting on black pad.

Grilling Tools Rest

orange Thermapen one.

Thermapen ONE

turquoise PK grill.

PK Grill

ninja woodfire grill.

Ninja Woodfire Grill

3 orange hunsaker smokers.

Hunsaker Smoker

webber kettle grill.

Weber Kettle

grill grate with spatula.


Breeo fire pit.

Breeo Fire Pit

blue cambro.


charcoal: hickory, garlic and onion, applewood, mesquite

Cowboy Charcoal

meat and pineapples hanging over fire.

Francis Mallmann Class

Master open fire cooking with 30 virtual grill lessons from Francis Mallmann, the master of Argentine cuisine and live fire.
grillworks grill.

Grillworks 48″

stainless and orange trash can cabinet.

Aspire Trash Can

large big green egg grill.

Big Green Egg

stainless and orange paper towel holder cabinet.

Paper Towel Holder

set of stainless steel and orange drawers.

Aspire Double Drawers

stainless and orange gas grill.

Aspire Gas Grill

3 modular bbq island cabinets.

BBQ Island Cabinets

orange generator.

Generac Generator

orange JBL GO2 Speaker.

JBL GO2 Speaker

custom flag, any design, any color, any logo.

Custom Team Flag

flag pole with U.S. and GCG flags.

Truck Flag Pole

2 stacks of aluminum loaf pans.

Chicken Loaf Pans

set of 6 cocktail forks.

Chicken Forks

orange elastic tablecloth on table.

Elastic Tablecloth

bottle of brisket rub.

GCG Brisket Rub

bottle of pork rub.

GCG Pork Rub

bottle of Chicken Rub.

GCG Chicken Rub

brisket in packaging.

Snake River Farms Brisket

turquoise Yeti wine tumbler.

Yeti Wine Tumbler

weber genesis gas grill.

Weber Genesis

basting brushes in every color.

Basting Brushes

orange meat thermometer.

Thermoworks Dot

Aaron Franklin blowing on fire in pit.

Aaron Franklin MasterClass

Follow 16 virtual lessons to learn how to make Central Texas BBQ, including brisket from Aaron Franklin.
a pair of black heat gloves.

Heat Gloves (S/M)

set of black enamel plates.

Barebones Plates

two white mixing bowls.

Barebones Mixing Bowls

set of dark gray flatware.

Barebones Flatware

victory griddle

Victory Griddle

grilling fork, spoon and spatula.

Barebones Grilling Tools

orange timestack timer.

Timestack Timer

two stacks of aluminum half pans.

Aluminum Pans

2 rows of 5 white glove liners.

Polyester Glove Liners

collection of gray cotton napkins.

Cotton Napkins

black tabletop grill.

OKJ Rambler

block of white cutco knives.

Cutco Knives

black and red knife sharpener.

Knife Sharpener

orange disposable gloves

Disposable Gloves