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What KCBS Judges Look For

The world of competition barbecue is a world where pitmasters and backyard grillers come together for a couple of days to cook six succulent servings of chicken, ribs, pork and brisket for a panel of certified judges in an effort to make the best bbq. The judges taste pounds of glorious meat and ultimately decide who is walking home as a grand champion. This site shares competition BBQ tips for trimming, cooking and boxing competition barbecue along with details about health codes, people,s choice and more.

The Four Meats

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The Method That Wins

Competition Chicken

+ Trimming Video

8 bbq ribs in a box on greens

3 Cooking Methods

Competition Ribs

sauced pork tubes, money muscle slices and pork chunks


Competition Pork

6 brisket burnt ends and 8 brisket slices in box on greens

how to cook hot + fast

Competition Brisket

+ Trimming Video

What People Are Saying

I followed your instructions to a “T” and won second place in an amateur barbecue competition last weekend here in Williamsburg VA. The flavor and “Bite though” were perfect! Thanks for all the great advice!

Nancy Wigley

I really appreciate you going above and beyond so we can understand what the judges are looking for. Keep up the great work.

Grill Timers

This is the recipe to use – especially if you’re new to competition style cooking. I did this in a small charity tournament…We took first place with this method – beating out a couple teams that actually compete in sanctioned events.

Kris Troy

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Meet Pitmaster Christie Vanover

Christie is the head cook for Team Girls Can Grill. She has won multiple grand championships and has dozens of top ten category finishes. Her brisket placed 5th at The Jack in 2022. She has judged both the American Royal and The Jack.

Hunsaker Drums

My competition smokers

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10 BBQ Tips

From Tuffy Stone

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