Grilled S’mores Sandwich


When you have the urge to camp, but just can't get away, create the flavors of camping at home with a grilled s'mores sandwich.

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Grilled Chicken Adobo


With the addition of charred chicken and smoky pork, this Grilled Chicken Adobo (Filipino stew) is even better than the original, traditional recipe.

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S’mores Cones


Enjoy ooey gooey, chocolaty campfire s’mores without getting your hands dirty. Mix and match flavors with our 6 fun s’mores cones recipes.

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Spiessbraten is a specialty dish from the small German town of Idar-Oberstein. I was lucky enough to visit the town and try it once. To this day, I crave it regularly. Two flavor punches make Spiessbraten different from any other type of rotisserie pork: onions and beech wood.

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Hasselback Sweet Potatoes


Smeared with creamy marshmallow fluff and chopped pecans, these hasselback sweet potatoes are a showstopper great for the holidays. Recipe includes steps for the grill, oven or campfire.

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Grilled Mashed Potatoes


Do you love creamy mashed potatoes but hate peeling them all? Check out this post for Grilled Mashed Potatoes to see how you can skip that cumbersome step.

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Bacon Apple Monkey Bread


You don’t have to go without monkey bread on your next camping trip. This Bacon Apple Monkey Bread will have all the campers up and at ‘em.

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Campfire Bacon


Just because you're camping out, doesn't mean you have to go without bacon.

Campfire Bacon 2017-11-03T12:18:59+00:00
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