Last updated February 18, 2017

At Girls Can Grill, we’re dedicated to teaching women how to grill, and we love highlighting the awesome ladies who are grilling, cuing and smoking it up like a boss.

One of those fantastic griller gals is Jayna Todisco. She grew up with traditional cooking chops – thanks to her grandma, but she found her way to the barbecue scene after going on a blind date.

My date took me to a BBQ festival. That was my first taste of BBQ, and I admittedly didn’t even know what pulled pork was until that point. From there, I started going to BBQ festivals regularly, then I started judging, bought a smoker had kids somewhere in between and decided to form a team with my husband and kids.”

Jayna Todisco

Jayna named her team after her grandmother Mazie, and thus A Mazie Q was born.

In just five years, Jayna has gone from a backyard BBQ competitor to a champion. She’s won 15 competitions; including her latest win in November at the World Food Championships where she took first place in the Cowboy Charcoal Fire & Ice Women’s Championship BBQ Series.

The prize – bragging rights and $5,000 in diamond jewelry.