Griller Gal Susie Bulloch from Hey Grill Hey started out tiptoeing in the fire by grilling for family and friends on a “propane-powered piece-of-work” that she picked up for free. Now she’s a two-time world record BBQer and recipe developer.

 Griller Gal Susie Bulloch

Susie grew up in Utah working in a family restaurant that grilled steaks over a massive grill, but she didn’t break into grilling on her own, until pellet grill manufacturer hired her to develop recipes using their product.

“They dropped a grill off on my porch on a Friday afternoon and told me they needed five recipes a week starting that Monday. So I had to learn a lot about BBQ, and I had to learn FAST. I cooked on that thing constantly and read every book about BBQ I could get my hands on. I was totally hooked within a month and never looked back.”

When she’s brainstorming new recipes, she starts with the main element, suc