Last Updated March 20, 2020

Grill to Please the Whole Family

Whoever said you can’t please all the people all the time, must not have owned a grill, because when it comes to grilling, it’s super easy to please everyone.

One of the reasons going out to dinner is so great is because everyone can order what they like. Dad can get that big juicy steak. Your teenage daughter can continue her vegetarian phase. Your son can order chicken nuggets, and you can go for the smothered pork chops.

Everyone is happy.

Guess what? You can recreate that happiness at home and please the whole family with these 5 family pleasing grill tips.

Bulk Buy

The first key to individual meals is to have individual portions of meat. You can save money by buying fresh meat in bulk.

I recommend getting started with this new method of cooking by purchasing some rib-eyes, chicken breasts and pork chops.

When you get home, open the packages and separate each steak, breast and chop.

I like to trim the tenders off the chicken breasts, and grill those up for the dogs.

Marinate Now

Do you have a lot of free time on your hands?

I bet your answer is no, which is why this tip is a must.

Now that you’ve separated all of your meat, rub it with vegetable or olive oil and your favorite rub.

I recommend rib-eye rub for the rib-eyes. Thank you Mr. Obvious. Zestuous rub for the chops and Poultry Powder for the chicken. You can also play with fun rubs and seasonings from the grocery like Jamaican Jerk, za’atar or Southwest seasoning.

Add a splash of soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce to each piece of meat for a final touch of umami.

Pork Chicken and Steak

Bag It

Okay. The meat is ready. Now, place each steak, breast and chop in its own zip-top bag. Be sure to seal out all the air, to avoid freezer burn. Label each bag, so you’re not playing a guessing game later. Then, place the bags in the freezer.

Take Their Orders

In the morning as everyone is getting ready, take their orders. Who wants steak? Who wants chicken? Who wants pork chops?

Got the list? Reach in the freezer and grab you’re fabulously prepped meat. Place it on a rimmed sheet pan or plate and thaw it in the fridge.

Think about your sides, too. You can drizzle asparagus with olive oil and lemon juice, or season mushrooms with olive oil and Worcestershire sauce.

Grill It

About 30 minutes before you want to serve dinner, heat the grill. If you’re doing steak, chicken and pork, I recommend you heat half to high and half to medium-high.

Place the steak over high heat and the chicken and pork over medium high heat. Cook each piece of meat about 7-8 minutes per side or until they reach the recommended or desired temp (at least 145 for steak and pork and 165 for chicken).

Don’t forget the veggies. Place them around the meat while it’s cooking, and cook until charred.

Once everything is cooked, place it on a pan or serving tray and cover with foil. Meat is always better when it rests for 5-10 minutes. Then, call the crowd to the table. Dinner at Café Girls Can Grill is served.

Let the family know you do accept tips, and that if they can’t pay up, they’re welcome to do the dishes or at least pour you a glass of wine.