Last updated January 14, 2017

Happy New Year

Girls Can Grill is excited to kick off 2017. There are a lot of new, fun things in store as we celebrate our second anniversary this June. It’s amazing how this community has grown to around 35,000 fans in such a short time. We’re grateful for every single one of you. We hope you have a grilltastic new year!


Barrel House Cooker


Girls Can Grill will be testing new grills and accessories in 2017. Right now, we’re testing five cuts of meat on a Barrel House Cooker.¬†Vertical barrel cookers are showing up at grilling competitions across the U.S. Stay tuned as we share what all the hype is about. In May, we’ll be returning to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas to learn what’s new in the industry just in time for summer grilling season.


In 2016, Girls Can Grill camping adventures included places like Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu and Calico Ghost Town. In 2017, we’ll be remodeling our new travel trailer and hitting the road with our grilling and camping pals. The adventures are sure to be tasty.

Campfire Steak and Eggs
Thrill of the Grill


As a member of the Nevada Barbecue Association and a Kansas City BBQ Society Certified Judge, Girls Can Grill plans to judge and compete in BBQ and grill competitions throughout the country in 2017, including the annual Thrill of the Grill in Las Vegas where we took 1st place in wings and 3rd in steak in 2016.

Blue Apron Review

I’m an outdoor grilling and camping kind of gal who never thought Blue Apron would work with my lifestyle. Find out why I was wrong in my Blue Apron Review.


Have you joined the private Girls Can Grill Facebook group yet? This ladies-only group is a place to share grilling pics and recipes along with our successes and failures.

Check out our new website feature Griller Gals. Throughout 2017, we’ll be featuring awesome female grillers like Jayna Todisco.

Griller Gal Jayna Todisco