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Good barbecue requires wood, fire, meat and an awesome BBQ rub. My Brisket, Chicken and Pork Rubs, created with Spiceology, deliver on flavor and color.

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I’ve been barbecuing for years, including on the competition circuit. I’m also a certified barbecue judge. Through all of that experience, I’ve tasted and cooked with dozens upon dozens of BBQ rubs.

With so many rubs on the market, it’s hard to figure out which one will deliver the best barbecue, which is why I teamed up with Spiceology to help solve that dilemma. 

I’ve been working on these blends for quite a while. I’ve tested them in the backyard with friends and family and on the barbecue circuit. The judges all agree that these rubs deliver on flavor and color. 

What makes a good BBQ rub?

To me, a great BBQ rub has to accomplish these three things.

It has to complement the meat.

Barbecue is all about the celebration of meat. You want a rub that complements the flavor of your protein – instead of one that overpowers it. 

It has to produce a great color.

Bark is an important component to barbecue. It’s the sweet and salty crust that forms on the outside of the meat to create texture and color. You can tell from the moment you shake these rubs onto the meat that they’re going to develop into something magical. 

It has to leave you wanting more.

You devote a lot of time and love into cooking barbecue. When your friends, family and especially competition judges take a bite, you want them asking for seconds. You want that bite to be so worth it, so memorable that no one can doubt your pitmaster skills. 

What’s awesome about these rubs is that they’re not just for slow and low barbecue. They’re perfect for those rushed weeknights when you want to fire up some burgers or game day chicken wings or pork chops over the campfire. And even though I’m all about cooking outdoors on the grill, they’re just as tasty on oven-roasted, pan-seared, air-fried meals, too. 

sliced brisket by bottle of BBQ rub

Brisket Rub

Brisket is the king of backyard barbecue. My secret to taking first place in brisket on the competition circuit over and over is using a rub that celebrates the true flavor of beef. My Brisket Rub combines the classic Texas brisket staples of salt, pepper and garlic with a touch of heat and a kiss of sweet. 

It’s great on any red meat, including burgers, steaks, prime rib and of course brisket.

The No-Fail Way to Smoke Brisket

chicken wings surrounding chicken rub

Chicken Rub

When creating this Chicken Rub, I was looking for a blend of herbs and spices so desirable that judges would crave more than one bite. This satiating mix of umami, chiles and herbs totally teases your taste buds, so you can’t help but want more.

Rub it on any poultry, including chicken, turkey, Cornish hens, duck, quail and pheasant.

Create Winning Competition Chicken Thighs

four ribs next to bottle of Pork Rub

Pork Rub

My award-winning Pork Rub combines a blend of garlic, honey and molasses to amplify pork’s natural sweetness. Then, it’s accentuated with a blend of five chiles to deliver a rich mahogany color for that perfect bark.

Try it on all things pork, including pulled pork, ribs, pork chops, pork belly burnt ends and even bacon.

Create Winning Competition Pork Butt

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I’m Christie, the head cook and award-winning competitive pitmaster for Team Girls Can Grill. I have won multiple grand championships and top 10 category finishes. I’m an expert grill reviewer for BBQ Guys, and I have appeared on the Food Network and Ninja Woodfire Grill infomercials. I established this website in 2015 to share my BBQ tips and recipes.

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  1. Awesome! I’ve got to get my hands on some of this, especially the pork rub. I’m a grilling fanatic and love trying new things.