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With the new Y Series from Breeo, I can take my favorite Smokeless Fire Pit on the go for every adventure.

Disclosure: Breeo sponsored this post. Opinions are my own.

fire burning in Breeo Y Series fire pit at sunset.

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family sitting around Breeo Y Series fire pit.

What is a smokeless fire pit

Whether it’s to roast marshmallows, sing campfire songs or to just chill after a long day, there’s something magical about sitting around a campfire.

The only downside is that with a standard fire pit, the smoke escapes and can be overpowering if it blows your way. And if you’re like me, no matter where you move around the fire pit, the smoke always finds me.

That’s why I have been using the Breeo smokeless fire pits for years. They are designed to be smokeless.

The inside of the pit has a custom air flow system where oxygen is able to flow under and into the pit to feed the fire.

Then, because the walls of the fire pit are double lined with a ring of holes at the top, the fire burns hotter actually burning the smoke before it escapes.

woman carrying Breeo Y Series on grass.

The Y Series

I’ve enjoyed the Breeo X Series for years. It comes in three sizes, 19, 24 and 30 inches in both a patina finish or stainless steel. I keep the 24-inch in my outdoor kitchen for relaxing nights on the patio.

On Sept. 2, 2022, Breeo is releasing the Y Series, which is the new portable model for smokeless fire on the go.

It’s similar to the 19-inch X Series, but it weighs 16 pounds less. It also has a handle, making it easier to move, and the legs can be extended to raise it higher.

There is no assembly required. You simply lift it straight out of the box, and it’s ready to go.

woman sitting behind Breeo Y Series fire pit.

Breeo Y Series features

What I love about the Y Series is that it only weighs 31 pounds and compacts down to 11 inches by 21 inches. So, it’s a fire pit that I can easily transport.

Its small size makes it easy to load into the back of a pickup truck, but it also can fit in the trunk or backseat of a car.

Once you’re ready to use the fire pit, grab the legs by the bottom and pull them out one by one. Each leg will then snap into place.

When you pull them out to the first level, the grill raises to 15 inches high, which is the ideal height for when you’re just sitting around the fire.

If you want to cook on the Y Series or stand around the fire pit, press the buttons on the sides of the legs to release them from the catch point and pull them out again. This will extend them another 5 inches.

It’s safest to extend the legs prior to lighting your fire.

2 kabobs grilling over fire.

How to cook on the Y Series

As with all fire pits, you can just grill food on a stick, but I highly recommend getting the Outpost Grill accessory.

The Outpost has been around for years. It works on the X Series models and can be used on its own by pounding it into the ground.

It’s an adjustable grill grate that allows you to cook food close to the fire or higher up for slower cooks. You can also add a cast iron skillet right on top to fry up bacon and eggs before your morning hike.

Other available cooking accessories include the SearPlate Griddle, which gives you even more surface area for pancakes, smash burgers or fajitas.

The Kettle Hook is also a cool accessory, if you like Dutch oven cooking or hanging big pieces of meat.

kettle hanging over Breeo fire pit

Breeo Y Series Specifications

  • Height: 11 inches stowed, 15 inches with legs partially extended, 20 inches with legs fully extended
  • Width: 21-inch outside diameter, 17.5-inch inside diameter
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Fuel Source: Wood or charcoal
  • Price: $495 with free shipping
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Made in the USA in Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to carry the Breeo Y Series

Make sure the fire pit is cool. Collapse the legs, so they are in stow mode. Then, lift the fire pit by the side handle, and take it on any adventure you can dream up.

Is it safe to use on any surface?

The Breeo Y Series has a built-in heat shield to reduce the amount of heat that comes out of the bottom of the fire pit. Before adding wood, extend the legs. There is a medium setting that lifts the grill 4 inches or a higher setting that lifts it 9 inches. Both settings make it safe to use on decking, grass and pavement.

How do you clean out the fire pit?

Allow the coals to fully burn out and cool. Then, grab the Breeo by the side handle and dump the cooled ashes into the trash. Never dump water into a hot Breeo.

If you can’t wait for your ashes to cool, use long-handled tongs to remove large pieces of coal into a disposable aluminum pan. Very carefully, add water to the pan. Then, lift the Breeo and carefully dump the remaining ashes into the pan. Add more water and stir until fully extinguished. Be very careful, because the water may create steam, which can burn you and ashes may blow in the wind.

fire burning in Breeo Y Series fire pit at sunset.

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  1. this is cool. I have a solo stove ranger. I plan on getting the griddle/ grill top for it but i think i would enjoy this one more. it seems like it would be easier to transport for one. the legs is a neat feature. i may have to pick one of these up also!!