Last updated November 3, 2019

Disclosure: Char-Broil provided this product to Girls Can Grill at no cost, so I could test it and provide feedback to other grillers.

Thanksgiving is steeped in tradition, but you know what?
Traditions can change!

Just look back 20 years. You can probably picture mom in her holiday apron roasting the turkey in the oven for hours.

Fast-forward 10 years…

The Cajun tradition of frying turkeys became more commonplace, because it’s faster and delivers a juicy bird with extra crispy skin. But it can be scary. This video is proof of what can go wrong.

What’s the newest (and much safer) Thanksgiving tradition?

Frying without oil in the Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer. You heard me right – oil-less. This video is more like it.

You’re probably asking yourself:

  1. How can you fry without oil?
  2. Will it be crispy?
  3. Will it be juicy?
  4. Will it be fast?

I had the same questions, and couldn’t wait to fire up the Big Easy to get them answered.

Assembly took about 15 minutes. Then, I hooked it up to a standard propane tank.

The next step is to season the “frying” chamber. You can do this the easy way by rubbing it down with oil and turning it on for a few minutes…or you can do this the fun way, by seasoning it with bacon.