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Lodge Cast Iron has unveiled a new 2-piece cast iron set with 5 cooking configurations. This Cook-It-All review explains how it cooks as a grill, griddle, Dutch oven, skillet and pizza oven.

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charcoal on top of Cook-It-All lid

I’m a huge cast iron fan. My cabinets and camper are full of everything from Dutch ovens to mini skillets. So when Lodge announced they were launching a new concept for campfire cooking, I couldn’t wait to try it.

The name pretty much says it all – It’s the Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All

And guess what? You can really cook everything on it, because it’s a grill, griddle, skillet, wok and oven all in one.

The 5 Cook-It-All Configurations

The Cook-It-All comes with two cast iron pieces, two handles and a handy tips and tricks guidebook with recipes.

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All pieces
Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All grill

The flat piece of the Cook-It-All has two sides. One side is a grill plate. Place it straight on the coals to grill up some steaks.

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All griddle

Flip it over, and now you have a griddle for pancakes and eggs.

That concept has been around a while, but wait. Here’s where everything changes.

The second piece is a three-inch deep, 6.8-quart skillet. The edges have a slight curve to them, making it ideal for wok-style cooking.

And the base has built-in legs to elevate it from the coals. While writing this Cook-It-All review, I found this helps prevent burnt on food, if your coals are too hot.

tape measure showing depth of Cook-It-All skillet
tape measure showing width of Cook-It-All skillet

And it’s a whopping 14 inches wide, so you can feed a hungry crowd of campers.

Place the griddle on top of the skillet, like I’ve pictured above, and voila, you’ve got a Dutch oven.

Now, flip that skillet over. Place it on top of the griddle, and you’ve got an oven.

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All Lid

I’m talking a true outdoor pizza-cooking, cookie-baking, hand pie-making oven.

These little pastries are simply refrigerated pie dough wrapped around spiced apples with a caramel candy. I baked them in the Cook-It-All over medium-low heat for about 30 minutes.

4 pastries on a cast iron skillet over a campfire

Preparing Your Heat

Although you can always use your cast iron indoors, the Cook-It-All is designed for outdoor cooking over an open campfire. Cooking on the Cook-It-All is easy, once you figure out your fire management.

You can use wood, lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes as your fuel source.

As Mr. Obvious would tell us, campfires are hot, and just like a stove or oven, that heat will effect your cooking.

If you place the grill or griddle over super hot coals, the pan will heat up too fast, and your food will burn. Trust me. Been there. Done that.

To test the heat of your coals, carefully hold your hand about 5 inches over the coals. If your hand gets hot right away, the coals are too hot. If you can hold your hand there for about 6-8 seconds, you’re good to go, and you can add your griddle pan.

Another solution is to elevate the iron above the coals, so it’s farther from the heat. The Lodge Fire & Cook Stand is perfect for this.

Moving the Cook-It-All

Using the two included handles, you can easily move the Cook-It-All from the fire to the table. They simply loop into the holes on the sides of each pan.

I really appreciate that Lodge designed the handles with spring grips. It makes them comfortable to hold.

If you need to move the two pans together, align the holes. If you just need to remove the lid, twist it slightly, and loop the handles into the top holes.

Although handles are included, I still recommend using Lodge’s Leather Gloves, because although the handles may not be hot, the fire surrounding the pan is. Better safe than sorry. Right?

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All handle

Now that you’ve read the Cook-It-All review, it’s time to let your mind go wild. Think about all of the fun recipes you can create like this Cast Iron Grilled Chicken with Rainbow Potatoes and Garlic Green Beans or Smoky Campfire Paella from my friend, Derek at Over the Fire Cooking.

grilled chicken and potatoes in a cast iron pan near green beans

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