Last updated February 18, 2017


Great barbecue with a kiss of smokiness takes temperature control, patience and time.

Time? In this day and age, who has any of that?

I am a non-traditional girl who likes to slow smoke, but I also like that kiss of smoke when I don’t have hours to nurture my smoker. You know those days that get the best of you; when you’re lucky to even get dinner on the table.

That’s why I was so interested in this new product called Smokin-O’s. They found Girls Can Grill on twitter and asked if I would be interested in trying their product. They said

“Our product, Smokin-O’s, is a faster & easier alternative to using wood chips on your gas grill. It is perfect for those wanting to add a little smoke flavor to their propane grill. It is 100% all natural real wood, made in the USA and contains no chemicals or binders like charcoals and other wood products.”

Fast and easy and smoky? Yes please. If these little O’s deliver, they could make quick grill nights taste like they got a little extra BBQ love.


Q: Are they fast?

A: Yes

Smokin-O’s start producing smoke in 5-10 minutes.

The alternatives to Smokin-O’s are

  • full-on smoking, which takes hours, or
  • smoke chips, which take 30-45 minutes because you need to pre-soak them in water, so they don’t instantly burn up.

Q: Are they easy?

A: Yes, but…be a girl and read the directions.

You don’t need any extra smoking boxes or tools. You just heat your gas grill up to 400+ degrees and place the Smokin-O’s on the grill. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll start to see smoke, and you can add your meat or veg.

When I first planned to use these, I thought I could put the Smokin-O’s on the grill at the same time as the meat. You do need to allow the Smokin-O’s to smoke, so allow 10 minutes.

Don’t want to read directions? Watch this video instead.

Q: Can you taste the smoke?

A: Yes

The better you follow the directions, the better the smoky flavor. Wait for the Smokin-O’s to build up a white ash on the bottom. I found this took the full 10 minutes. Once it reaches this point, grill your meat or vegetables with the grill lid closed to lock in the smoke. If you want extra smokiness, use two O’s


Each box contains six O’s and is available on Amazon Prime for only $7.99.

Disclosure: Smokin-O’s provided this product to Girls Can Grill at no cost, so I could test it and provide feedback to other grillers.