How to Renovate the RV Valances

RV Renovation - Valance

The easiest renovations to make to an RV are the valances.

These fabric covered accents above the blinds or curtains usually come with a factory-standard fabric.

The originals never match my style.

RV Renovation - Valance

No problem. All you need is a drill, fabric, scissors and a staple gun.

Use the drill to remove the valance from the RV. The blinds might also be screwed into the valance. Just unscrew them.

Lay the valance on top of your desired fabric, and cut the fabric, allowing about an inch overhang.

Use the staple gun to secure the fabric to the board. Make sure you use the right size staples, so you don’t staple through the front side of the fabric. I placed a sheet of foam core under the valance just in case.

Rehang the new valance.

This is so easy, you could change them with every season.

RV Renovation - Valance

Time to renovate the dinette and couch to match.

To find links to the fabrics I used, visit MY RV RENOVATION Pinterest Board.

The Before and After

RV Renovation - Valance





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