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Jayco RV Trailer

I bought a new travel trailer. Loved the floor plan. Hated the decor. I have plans to change just about everything from top to bottom to make it more fun for my national park travels and barbecue road trips.

RV Renovations

  • How to Hang Pictures in an RV

How to Hang Pictures in an RV

RVs bounce along the road as they travel. If you don't secure your artwork, it'll fall off the walls. See how to hang pictures in an RV the right way.

  • RV Renovation - Valance

How to Renovate the RV Valances

The accents above RV blinds or curtains usually come with a factory-standard fabric. Let me show you how to renovate RV valances with just a few tools.

  • RV Renovation - Dinette

How to Renovate the RV Dinette

I understand RV companies like to use neutral colors for interior fabrics, but the brown was not doing it for me. See how I renovated my RV dinette.

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