Christie and her STOK Quattro

Benefits of Gas

Turn on the gas. Push the ignite button and you’ve got fire.

With four burners, you can control where the heat is. Want to cook slow and low, turn off 2 burners to create an area of indirect heat.

Remove your food. Keep the grill on for 5 extra minutes to burn off remnants. Brush off any leftover food. Re-season the grates with a paper towel soaked with vegetable oil.

My every day gas grill is the STOK Quattro Grill.

STOK stands for “Special Technology in Outdoor Kitchens.” Sounds fancy, huh? What kind of special technology could a grill come with?

With this baby, you name it, and it can do it.

The grill was created by Ryobi, the popular tool company. So it’s like the Mister Miss fix-it of grills.  You want pizza; you can fix it on this. You want ribs; fix it. Beer can chicken; fix it.

What’s special about the STOK is how you fix it.

The grates have removable circular sections that can be replaced with a variety of grill tools (AKA inserts). Take out the grill grate and add the pizza stone for brick oven-style pizza. Remove that and add the rib rack, and you can cook your ribs slow and low over indirect heat.

STOK even offers a veggie basket, a wok and a griddle. Think about it, you can grill fajitas on one side and make quesadillas on the other side. Genius!

Back in 2011, I created my own smoke box with the veggie and rib tray and shared it online. Since then, STOK has created an official smoker/infuser insert. I’m gonna take credit for that one :)

Like many high-quality grills, the STOK Quattro has 4 individually controlled burners and plenty of cooking space. It has an attractive sturdy stainless steel exterior and lots of cabinet space inside with spice racks and shelves. And it is accented with #GirlsCanGrill orange. Added bonus!

Whether you’re grilling traditional burgers and brats or want to go fancy with white wine infused whole chicken, this grill can do it all.

Watch this video to learn how to #GetSTOKed