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Smoked Turkey Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders

The Kentucky Hot Brown is usually served in a casserole dish piping hot from the oven. These sliders make the Derby Day classic party food friendly. The traditional recipes [...]

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Grill a Turkey

This holiday season, consider cooking your turkey outside. This infographic shares how to grill a turkey on charcoal, gas, a smoker or even a rotisserie.

Grilled Turkey Burgers with Anaheim Peppers

Grilled turkey burgers don't have to be boring or dry. To make them juicy, start with ground dark meat. Then add charred Anaheim peppers and avocado salsa to pack them with flavor.

Grilled Olive Juice Brined Turkey

Brined turkey is the key to a juicy bird. This brine uses a combination of olive juice and buttermilk for a hint of umami and sweetness.