Female Pitmaster Christie Vanover holds a turn-in box filled with chickenHi. I’m Christie Vanover, the girl who is forever hovering over a grill, smoker or campfire with tongs in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

I’m the editor and publisher of GirlsCanGrill.com, an online magazine dedicated to sharing grilling tips and recipes to encourage more people to get outside and grill. I’m also the pitmaster for KCBS Team Girls Can Grill.

I didn’t grow up grilling. That was the way dad cooked dinner. I didn’t start grilling until my 20s, when Steven Raichlen’s books and Bobby Flay’s TV shows made me realize that anyone can cook with fire. My first attempts were horrible, but my father-in-law took me under his wing and showed me his Southern tricks-of-the-trade.

Since those early lessons, I have traveled the world and learned