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Here are some fun and entertaining appetizers you can make on the grill or smoker for your next BBQ block party or potluck.

cubed salmon appetizers topped with bourbon glaze

If you’re heading to a party and you’ve been assigned an appetizer, skip the veggie platter and show up with some baby pork belly burnt ends. Or keep things simple but still show stopping with bourbon-glazed salmon or grilled coconut shrimp. In the mood for a dip, try pimento cheese or smoked Philly cheesesteak dip. Browse through this collection of appetizers and you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

Appetizer Recipes

Homemade Red Pepper Jelly

Red pepper jelly is one of my favorite condiments for charcuterie boards and sandwiches. It can be prepared in about 15 minutes.

Smoked Spicy Mustard Brown Sugar Bacon

Brown sugar bacon gets even better when you add spicy mustard hot sauce to the glaze. The smoky treat melts in your mouth as you crack through the sweet, spicy shell. 

Smoked Bacon Pumpkin Seeds

Adding bacon makes everything better, especially these smoked bacon pumpkin seeds. They're sweet, crunchy and salty – the perfect snack combo. One of my favorite things about Halloween is pumpkin [...]

Smoked Turkey Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders

The Kentucky Hot Brown is usually served in a casserole dish piping hot from the oven. These sliders make the Derby Day classic party food friendly. The traditional recipes [...]

Two-Ingredient Bulgogi Beef Jerky

Making beef jerky doesn't have to be hard. With the help of your butcher and two ingredients, you could be enjoying bulgogi beef jerky tomorrow.