Chicken is a versatile, affordable and healthy protein. Browse through these grilled chicken recipes to find the perfect dish for your next meal.

Chicken is oftentimes overshadowed by larger proteins, but when it comes to party food, grilled chicken wings are king. And every kid loves chicken nuggets, even when they’re grilled. So let’s raise a glass to juicy grilled chicken breasts and beer can chicken.

This recipe for Grilled Chick-Fil-A style nuggets has been my most popular chicken recipe and one of my most popular recipes overall for years.

Top Tips for juicy chicken breasts

  • Use a meat thermometer to cook them to the right internal temperature, which is 165F degrees.
  • Consider a flavorful marinade made with soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce.
  • If you use fresh lemon juice or other citrus juice or vinegar in your marinade, don’t let it soak too long or it will become rubbery.
  • Buy boneless chicken breasts with the rib meat or chicken tender attached for even thickness.
  • Grill chicken over indirect heat so the breasts don’t dry out.
  • You can finish the chicken over direct heat on the hot side of the grill to get nice grill marks.
  • If you want to add BBQ sauce, wait until the last few minutes of cooking time so it doesn’t burn.

Chicken Wing Recipes

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Dark Meat Chicken

Chicken thighs and chicken legs or drumsticks are considered dark meat chicken. That means they have more fat content and more flavor. These cuts of chicken can be cooked longer than chicken breasts. I aim for an internal temperature of 195-200F degrees.

Chicken on a Stick

You can grill white meat or dark meat chicken pieces on a stick. It’s best if you use a delicious marinade like the ones included in the below recipes.

Whole Chicken Recipes

Save money by grilling or smoking whole chickens. You can store leftover chicken in an airtight container for a few days and use it to make chicken salad or Southwest Chicken Chili.

All Chicken Recipes