Learn how to grill and smoke a whole ham. Plus, BBQ tips on how to use up those ham leftovers in a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes.

Before you get cooking, learn how to calculate what size ham you need and what type of ham glaze you’d like to add.

pouring ham glaze on ham.
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3-Ingredient Ham Glaze

This is by far the easiest ham glaze recipe you'll ever make. It only takes 3 ingredients and 5 minutes and can be made in different flavors.
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Champion pitmaster Christie Vanover, the girl behind one of America’s top BBQ websites GirlsCanGrill.com and a contestant on Food Network’s BBQ Brawl, shares quick BBQ tips you can squeeze into your day to help you up your BBQ game.

BBQ Tips with Pitmaster Christie Vanover.

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