The Live Fire Cooking Podcast is focused on all things related to cooking in the great outdoors.

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Follow along as we dive into the ins and outs of live fire cooking and learn how to take your grill game to a new level. Hosted by Derek Wolf from @overthefirecooking, Christie Vanover from @girlscangrill and Jonathan Miller from

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Episode 9

This Episode is all about THANKSGIVING and therefore its all about TURKEY! We discuss whether filling a Yeti with boiling water is a legitimate turkey-cooking technique as well as give everybody a lot of practical tips to rock Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy.

Episode 8

On this episode we have a special guest, Kita Roberts from Girl Carnivore. We cover all sorts of topics such as fire cooking fails, adding chocolate to chili, how fire cooking is different from smoking, and what everyone is up to. Enjoy.

Episode 7

Steak Pizza?? What?? In this episode we dive into one of Derek’s stranger cooks of late, as well as get caught up on whats going on in the competition barbecue world from Christie. Then we have a long, passionate conversation about Thanksgiving and all the unreal holiday dishes that can be cooked over fire. Enjoy.

Episode 6

Welcome back to another show. This week, we are talking about the World Food Championships that Derek was at, how churrasco skewers allow you to cook for more people at one time, Christie’s new truck, the upcoming Jack event in Tennessee and Jonathan’s off grid family gathering in Canada. Enjoy.

Episode 5

Dad jokes, bison hearts and asado turkeys. Episode Five is a fun one, and for the first time ever on the show, we had a guest. The legend Matt Crawford from @sasquatchbbq joined us for the episode and he fit right in. Give it a listen folks, you won’t regret it.

Episode 4

We just got back from an amazing food adventure in Bryce Canyon, Utah this past weekend and we can’t wait to share some behind the scenes highlights & tips from the event! We talk about what was cooked, and really cover the whole hog asado cook in detail.Tune in to find out what went down at Social Feasts 2019

Episode 3

In this episode we talk about butcher cuts, Christie explains how to make sausage, Jonathan talks about his Leg-Of-Wild-Boar over fire cook, and we go over upcoming events including The American Royal and Social Feasts

Episode 2

Episode Two is here and its all about… fish?! Yup, today we hash out a bunch of fish & fire related convo’s as well as dive into lamb cooks and also the Hatch Chile culture in the southwest. We also cover the new Phoenix Fire Pit from Breeo! Enjoy! 

Episode 1

The first ever episode of the Live Fire Cooking Podcast! In today’s episode Derek breaks down the almost unknown concept of reverse marinating (not searing), Christie explains competition BBQ, and we cover our most recent recipes! Let us know what you want to hear on future episodes, and thanks for listening!