The four easy steps I take to clean the GE Profile Indoor Smoker after every cook. Follow these tips to keep your smoker like new.

wiping walls of GE indoor smoker with wet paper towel.

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Outdoor grills require a minimum amount of cleaning between cooks. Usually, you just need to clean the grill grates with a grill brush.

When using the GE Profile Indoor Smoker, however, I recommend fully cleaning it between every cook. Here are the steps I take.

Cleaning the racks

When you cook your food on the indoor smoker, the meat will rest on top of the grill racks. Once you remove the food, you’ll see those racks have a build up of food and a little discoloration from the smoke.

Once they’re cool enough to handle, simply pull them out of the smoker. You can wash them by hand in the sink or place them in the dishwasher.

The side wire walls that support the racks will also start to get a bit of smoke build up. Therefore, I take them out between each cook and wash them the same way.

Cleaning the drip pan

As the food cooks, it will drip onto the drip pan that rests in the bottom of the smoker.

GE indoor smoker drip pan lined with foil.

For easier cleanup, I highly recommend lining the drip pan with a sheet of foil. You can also line it with indoor smoker drip tray liners.

After the cook, simply remove the foil or liner and dispose of it. Then, wash the drip pan with soap and water.

If you notice a lot of grease in the drip pan, let it cool before removing the foil or liner. That way the liquid should coagulate, making it easier to discard.

Wiping the walls and window

The walls, front window and light will accumulate smoke build up. I have found the best way to clean them is to wipe them down while the indoor smoker is still warm.

Simply use a few wet paper towels. I start with the window and work in a circular motion. Then, I use a fresh wet paper towel and go up and down and side to side.

I finish with a dry paper towel until the window is clear again.

I do a similar process on the walls and light cover. For those, I keep cleaning it until the paper towels are no longer dirty.

When you cook at higher temperatures for recipes like smoked chicken, you may have some build-up that accumulates on the bottom of the smoker. You can use a plastic scraper to try to remove some of it.

Don’t worry if you can’t get it all.

Removing the used pellets

If you used the GE Profile Indoor Smoker in smoker mode, you will need to remove the water and extinguished pellets.

Carefully, pull out the water drawer and remove the water tray. Then, pour the water into a strainer over the sink. The strainer will collect the pellets.

Dispose of the pellets and rinse out the water tray. Then, return it to the drawer.

Every now and then, you’ll want to clean the pellet auger, too. Make sure the water drawer is empty. Then, press the settings button and choose pellets. The auger will run and dump any unused pellets into the water drawer. As long as they’re dry, you can save them and use them later.

To clean the auger, open the pellet door on the top of the smoker and use the wire brush that the smoker came with to clean the auger.

That’s it! Place everything back inside. Close the door and make sure the power is off. Now, your GE Profile Indoor Smoker is ready for your next cook.

To learn more about the indoor smoker, such as the how to assemble it, the different settings, how to cook on it and my review, click on the buttons below.

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