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I love to cook outdoors. Give me a smoker, a grill or even a campfire, and I'll serve you up a meal you won't forget.

12 Days of Christmas Grilling Giveaway

By |2018-12-17T19:45:09+00:00November 29, 2018|

With over $3,000 in prizes, GIRLS can GRILL is hosting the biggest grilling giveaway of the season. Visit @girlscangrill on Instagram Dec. 1-12, 2018, for your chance to win.

Turkey Burnt Ends with Cranberry Barbecue Sauce

By |2018-11-23T09:57:58+00:00November 17, 2018|

Recipe and video for smoked turkey burnt ends with sticky cranberry barbecue sauce I know. Your first reaction is probably: "WTF?" Burnt ends have a long Kansas City barbecue history, and used to solely be a beef thing. Over the years, pork belly got into the burnt ends game. Heck, there are even hot [...]

Smoked Bacon Pumpkin Seeds

By |2018-11-23T09:58:12+00:00October 21, 2018|

Adding bacon makes everything better, especially these smoked bacon pumpkin seeds. They're sweet, crunchy and salty – the perfect snack combo. One of my favorite things about Halloween is pumpkin seeds. We always carved 3-5 pumpkins when I was growing up, so we had oodles and oodles of seeds to toast. Back then, I used [...]

Smoked Osso Buco

By |2018-11-23T09:58:21+00:00October 17, 2018|

Elevate your barbecue skills with this Smoked Osso Buco. The melt-in-your-mouth beef is smoked to perfection and braised in tomatoes, olives and red wine.

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